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We do not witness without a thrill of film marvels, which transport us into unknown and sometimes unsuspected worlds, that no other means, more than cinema, would be able to represent so alive. Sometimes it enchants and subjugates the majesty of the mountain giants, at other times the irresistible fury of storms in the ocean, the solitude of the polar ice, the immensity of virgin forests, the sadness of desert sands, the vagueness of the flowers, the transparency of the waters. The impetuousness of the waterfalls, the elegance of the aurora borealis: all visions, which, reproduced with fidelity and illustrated by sober comments of speech and music, are impressed in the soul like the images of a journey. When you watch movies online on 123movies you will be able to have the best options for the same.


Greater amazement and richness of knowledge offers the unfolding of life, in the films even these not infrequent that reveal the secrets of the animal kingdom, and are obtained by expert authors and producers after exhausting days and months of stalking of observations, spent in uncomfortable conditions in the forests and inhospitable deserts, rivers and deep sea. As evidence of the richness and multiplicity of nature we draw from such films, no less than other acts to calm, recreate, and refresh the spirit.

  • With equal pleasure and education, other films can scrutinize man himself, in which the organic structure, the functional behaviour, the therapeutic and surgical processes to bring him back to health care, present objects of high interest.
  • If we then move on to the works of man, there is no lack of suitable subjects to be elaborated artistically and to spread the culture on a large scale. They say precisely film of culture that describe the different lineages, the customs, the folklore, the civilizations, and more particularly the ways of work, the agricultural systems, the traffic routes on land, sea and sky, the means of communication , the types of habitation and resistance in different ages, captured by the goal in the multiple stages of their development, which starts from the primitive hut of foliage, to reach the noble residences, architectural monuments, the bold skyscrapers of modern cities.

The Hints

These hints are enough to show that the instructive film, provided it is treated with the right measure of scientific data, presented under new lights, and enlivened by a sincere breath of art, sufficient to remove the idea of ​​a strictly scholastic teaching, can, for as far as content is concerned, to easily offer the viewer everything he expects in this genre from an ideal film. In 123 Movies you will be getting the perfect support for the same now.